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Ordering Information

Order by browsing through all of the pictures on the dog (or cats! whatever) page and click to see the choices, and then add to cart!

NEW NOTE ON CUSTOM ORDERS: Due to intense production demands on Leanne and Haley, we are reluctantly putting a pause, or at the least a delay, on Custom Orders, except very simple and clear orders.

We LOVE making you happy, and offering to make dogs custom to look like yours is a great pleasure, but at the moment, because of the high demand on our production time, and the extra effort involved for custom orders, we have to scale this back.

Your best bet for us to fulfill something custom is to make it simple for us. We can do color changes more easily than body changes, so we cannot promise body changes at this time. Please follow these steps:

  1. Choose the body you want us to work with from the dog gallery on the website.
  2. Email a photo of the whole dog. This part is IMPORTANT - please make sure it faces the same direction as the body on our website (unless you don't care!) as we need to see the side we will be glazing.
    • If the tail or feet aren't in the picture, tell us in advance if the tip is white, or the feet are a different color, etc.
    • If you're requesting a specific color, please check colors of other dogs on the website and refer to one of them for easy reference.
  3. Be patient and order early. Ask us first if it is doable.

Please understand that we really really do like making personal connections with our customers, and we love animals and love to see your companions. It is just that we have found it a challenge this past summer to keep our primary sales outlet at the Pike Place Market stocked! Our work is hand done and fairly labor intensive. With your cooperation (you doing much of the choosing of body and colors yourself before presenting to us) we can so much better make this happen. Thank you for your understanding!

PRICE: Dogs and Cats are $18 each. Shipping is a flat $5.00 fee per order.

For international orders, please inquire via email.

Our pins and magnets are crafted and glazed by us one by one, so there will be some variation between each piece. Remember we stylize and sometimes one breed can bend into another. If you have a mixed breed dog, you may find we have something that looks like your dog. Go perusing!

We are in production mode most of the year, as we sell retail various days year round at Seattle's Pike Place Market, but there are times of the year we take vacation. Normally we will get your order in the mail within two weeks (often much sooner), though we will note those times when there might be delays. Please, when you communicate, also leave your phone number, along with your email. We will email you when your order is shipped.

If you prefer to mail a check rather than pay by card, please mail to:

3618 Wallingford Ave N.
Seatte, WA 98103

If you are in Seattle and want to find us at the Market, please feel free to email or call to see which days we will be in that week. Normally we are there Thursdays or Fridays.

Thank you! And dog on!

~Leanne and Haley
All rights reserved